About Us


Before introducing Oh my Baby Box, let me tell you a little about who is behind this brand: I'm Rita, mother of 4-year-old Alice and 1-year-old Tomás. Alice's birth not only brought the joy of motherhood, but also inspired the creation of this project that became my full-time job.

Oh my Baby Box was born from my experience looking for "more complete and impactful" gifts for close friends' newborns. Upon realizing the lack of options on the market that met my expectations, I decided to create something unique, and Oh my Baby Box was born.

My degree in Fashion Design and Visual Merchandising course allowed me to have the necessary foundations to bring this project to life.

These days, finding a gift where the packaging is as relevant as the content has become a challenge. In stores, we find that the attention given to wrapping is scarce or even non-existent.

For us, packaging is not just a formality; It is the expression of a message, a pleasant aroma and a set of details that create the first impression, providing a unique experience.

We combine the careful choice of items for newborns with packaging full of details, ensuring a memorable experience for the parents who receive it.

How it works?

Just choose the Baby Box that suits you best and tell us the message you want for the gift card. All orders include our Original Baby Box and handwritten gift card.

Baby Boxes are never accompanied by prices or an invoice so you can send them directly to the parents who will receive them!

Choose your Baby Box, and we'll take care of the rest! 😉