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Zoe Garden

Zoe Garden

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Baby Box

We present the Zoe Box

This exclusive Baby Box includes:

  • Cute Zoe
  • Blush, Roca
  • pacifier holder
  • Milestone in natural wood
  • Original Baby Box
  • Card with handwritten message (compose your message in the cart )

Product Descriptions

Zoe Cute: Handmade in Portugal, this cute one is made from soft 100% cotton muslin, has a very practical spring opening in the crotch and an opening in the back with a natural coconut button. Size 1-3 months.

Roca Blush: Much more than a simple spinning wheel, it is a precious ally in the baby's motor development, also providing him with enchanting moments with soft sounds ♫♪

Furthermore, it becomes an excellent friend during the growth phase of the first teeth, the natural wooden ring can be used as a teether, providing relief from itchy gums in babies and helping with tooth eruption.

With a soft touch and approximately 18cm, this adorable reindeer was lovingly designed to be not only functional, but also comforting for little ones.

Handmade in crochet with soft cotton thread, this unique piece is complemented by a ring in natural beech wood, completely free of toxics and chemicals, guaranteeing total safety for the baby.

Pacifier clip: More than a simple pacifier clip, this accessory is also a teether, with food-grade silicone and natural beech wood beads, it is a great ally during the teething period, providing relief to babies' gums.

Milestone: Made from natural wood, measuring 10cm in diameter, it is a charming reminder of your baby's special moments.

Product Description

Cute Zoe:Handmade in Portugal, this cute one is made from soft muslin, has a very practical spring opening at the crotch and an opening at the back with a natural coconut button.

Amelia:We present Amélia, a bunny who enchants with her sweetness and a very special touch of vanity. She is always ready for cozy hugs and loves to jump, spreading joy wherever she goes. A charming companion who transforms simple moments into special memories.

Handmade in crochet, Amélia is made with white cotton thread, giving it a unique softness. This charming bunny is a devoted friend ready to share tender moments.

Diaper:Part of the exclusive Oh my Baby Box! Naturally hypoallergenic and extremely soft, with a silky touch. It has 50% bamboo, giving it antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odor properties.

Link:Made in a lovely floral pattern on cotton muslin, with a small clip to apply to hair.

Milestone:A charming souvenir of baby's special moments.

Size and Composition

Cute Zoe

1-3 months

100% cotton muslin

Amelia, the bunny


100% cotton yarn



100% cotton


with clamp hook

100% cotton


10cm Ø

100% natural wood

Preparation and Shipping

We prepare your Baby Box within 24/48 working hours.

Shipping is made by CTT Expresso with delivery expected on the next business day (for deliveries in mainland Portugal and Spain).

Tracking Number available.

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  • Original Baby Box

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