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Newborn Maternity Combo

Newborn Maternity Combo

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Knitting Set
Interior set Cream
Baby Box

The Newborn Maternity Combo includes 19 essential pieces for the newborn, containing clothes and accessories ideal for the baby's first days of life.

We offer the flexibility of customization, allowing you to choose items according to your preferences. We are available to meet your needs and make the Newborn Maternity Combo even more special.

Included in this exclusive set:

  • 3-piece knitting set
  • Brown Leafs Body Set, Footed Pants and Hat
  • Oliver the bunny
  • Knitted booties
  • Vichy pacifier clip
  • Vichy beanie
  • Bodysuit and footed pants set
  • Knitting blanket
  • Vichy Swaddle - extra soft 120x120cm
  • Brush and Comb Set with cotton pouch
  • Set of 14 Milestones with cotton bag
  • Original Baby Box
  • Card with handwritten message (compose your message in the cart)

Product Descriptions

3-piece knitting set: This set of Side-button sweater in natural wood, footed trousers without elastics and cap, not only offers a cozy touch, but is also practical and easy to wear.

Ideal for the first days of motherhood, this set, made in Portugal, combines style and convenience for baby's comfort.

Spring/Summer: 100% cotton

Autumn/Winter: 100% hypoallergenic acrylic

Size: 0-3 months

Brown Leafs Set: Set of 3 essential pieces: Double-breasted bodysuit with a ribbon in raw nastro, pants with a high-waisted foot (without elastics, ideal for the umbilical cord area) and a hat, essential in the first days of the baby's life to help to regulate temperature, providing comfort and warmth during adaptation to the outside world.

It is the ideal choice to take to the maternity ward, standing out for its practicality, comfort and ease of dressing. Made in Portugal with 100% cotton material.

Size: 0-1 month

Oliver Beige: Oliver is a charming bunny who loves adventures and laughter. With its curious ears and mischievous eyes, it is always ready to liven up the day with its positive energy. Despite being a master of pranks, Oliver is also the perfect companion for serene moments, especially when listening to bedtime stories. With its soft touch and beige coat, it makes every moment even more special. 🐰

Handmade in crochet, Oliver is worked with 100% beige cotton yarn. Standing around 22 cm tall, this charming little bunny is a devoted friend ready to share moments of fun and tenderness.

Booties: Knitted with 100% cotton yarn, they provide an incredibly soft texture and exceptional comfort for baby's delicate feet. They can be used with a ferrule or risers.

Pacifier clip: Made from muslin with a natural beech wood clip, it is the ideal accessory to keep your pacifier close at hand.

Hat: Essential in the first days of life, it helps regulate the baby's temperature and provides comfort during adaptation to the outside world.

Bodysuit and Footed Pants Set: Composed of 2 pieces, double-breasted bodysuit with nastro tape in raw cotton and trousers with high waisted feet, without elastics - the perfect choice for the umbilical cord area.

This set is ideal to take to the maternity ward, comfortable and easy to wear. Made in Portugal.

Material: Cotton. Sizes: 0-1 and 1-3 months

Blanket: Carefully made in Portugal, this 90x90 cotton piece guarantees cozy warmth and timeless comfort.

Swaddle: Part of the exclusive Oh my Baby Box! Naturally hypoallergenic and extremely soft, with a silky touch. It has 50% bamboo, giving it antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odor properties. Its XL size (120x120cm) and its unique properties allow it to have several uses. Material: 50% Bamboo and 50% cotton (Oeko-Tex certified).

Brush and Comb Set: This set consists of a brush with goat hair bristles, which provides a gentle and relaxing massage to babies' scalps, with a natural beech wood handle. The Comb, also in natural beech, stimulates circulation to promote hair growth and eliminate static electricity. This set is ideal for the first months of life and is effective in eliminating cradle cap. Additionally, it includes a cotton bag, perfect for carrying while traveling.

Sep 14 Milestones: Designed to monitor your baby's growth from the day of birth until their first birthday. These Milestones are ideal for documenting each step and perpetuating each moment in photography or video.

Made from natural wood, they feature an exclusive Oh my Baby Box design, adding a unique and special touch to each record.

Includes a practical cotton bag, providing the ideal solution for storing them easily and practically.

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